ExtraLiving Real Estate July 21, 2022

Out-of-the-Box Spare Room Ideas

Have an extra room that’s just taking up space? Lucky you! Put your creativity to work and transform it into the “play” place you’ve always wanted. Here are just a few suggestions for using that unused area.

Rock Out

Let the rock-n-roll in you rip loose in a room designed to be your very own music studio. Bearing in mind that you’ll want to remain friends with your neighbors, a careful soundproofing plan is key. The door to the space will need to be solid, heavy and insulated with sealing strips. While you’ll be tempted to also seal the windows, it’s important to allow some light in so it won’t feel like you’re playing in an underground bunker. Absorption panels can be purchased to line the walls, and it’s wise to elevate the floor as well to keep the decibels down. By essentially building a ventilated “room within a room,” you’ll be able to enjoy some uninhibited jam sessions.

Divine Dressing

If you’re a fashionista with less than ample closet space, or if you’re seeking solace apart from a portion of a shared closet, then think about turning your spare square footage into the dressing salon of your dreams. Create a beautiful, well-appointed and brilliantly lit wardrobe room complete with floor-to-ceiling shelving, light-reflecting mirrors and plenty of storage for your accoutrements for every season. Add luxury elements like a comfy tufted pouf, an elegant jewelry armoire and even indulge in haute couture for the window treatments by framing them with sumptuous fabric. Dedicate an entire room to your coveted fashion collection by displaying all your favorite finds in full glam grandeur and celebrate the diva within.

Ssss-steam Heat

Ready for a relaxing retreat at the end of a hard day to soothe away daily pressures? If this sounds appealing, then get ready to turn up the heat in your very own steam room. Follow a few careful tips and you’ll be loose as a goose in no time. The key concern, of course, is moisture. Because the entire room will need to be waterproofed, a special door and insulated tile from top to bottom are absolute musts. A polyethylene film for the ceiling and walls, with backerboard to which the tiles will be attached, are other important tools to implement. Once the room is properly protected, a steam generator is all that’s necessary to create your cozy little piece of heaven.

Now that you have some inspiration for wonderful ways to use your extra square footage, it’s time to tally your budget, consider the possibilities and let your imagination run wild.

Sourced from: https://blog.coldwellbanker.com/out-of-the-box-spare-room-ideas